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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to view our website!

At KRMBK German Shepherds we strive for quality and conformation and to only breed the best possible!

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We ONLY register with APRI (America's Pet Registry INC.), CKC (Continental Kennel Club) and occasionally with ACA (American Canine Association).

These three registries have wonderful customer service and quick turn around on all registrations. They RARELY have price increases, and are dedicated to their customers!

Both APRI and ACA hold conformation events, which are also known as "Dog Shows"

APRI requires your dog to have a DNA sample pulled and a microchip to receive any points toward championship! This will be checked at each show you enter your dog in, this way no one can cheat!  Your dog is judged based on how closely he or she meets the breed standard, and the handler has NO influence on the points given! It is truly about the dog and NOT who is behind the leash!  Staff is VERY friendly and will answer any questions or concerns promptly!

At KRMBK all puppies are sold with a health guarantee and lifetime breeder support, so please read this FIRST!

No pups are ever held unless a $100-$150.00 deposit is received for said puppy! Breeder always reserve first pick in any litter that we intend to keep a pup from! Remember, deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE AND MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF STATING THAT YOU WANT THE PUP. IF NO DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED WITHIN 7 DAYS, THE PUP WILL BE RE-LISTED.

Our puppies are not sold to just any home!

We are going to be testing for DM soon on our dogs, this is a test we recently found out by a fellow breeder who is recently started doing the test as well. All of our dogs come from lines that are clear of hip dysplaysia. We do offer a guarantee on hips although, even from tested lines is no guarantee a pup won't become dysplastic. Environment and nutrition plays a key role!! Overworking your dog at a young age,before the joints are fully formed increases your odds of your puppy becoming dysplastic. There is always a 30% chance that a dog who has good or better hips with OFA can produce a puppy with a low rating. We take pride in our dogs and only seek to breed the best.

 Our kennel name "KRMBK's" MUST appear on the registration certificate on ALL puppies, and is written in on the puppy registration application prior to going to new homes! This helps us to keep track of them as well. 

​We prefer that all new owners show their pup in conformation. This is to better help our breeding program and to see what we can do to improve!

We work our best to have a family oriented friendly German Shepherd who is a great protector as well

Remember, German Shepherds are NOT meant for everyone, so please make your decision to own one carefully and do not take it lightly. Please do your research on the breed.

German Shepherds must be socialized very early in life and socialization must continue.

We are located in the Center of Arkansas in a little town called Bauxite. 

Handling in dog shows is also available to those coming to dog shows in Arkansas who would like to have their dog shown, but want or need someone to do it for them!

Please contact us at  for more information.


Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Prices are as follows:

If you are looking for a pet puppy only, and intend on spaying or neutering, the price is $800.00.

If you want a puppy for show(Conformation, dog shows) and as a potential breeding prospect, the price is $950.00

We breed only, good quality, sound minded German Shepherds with good temperaments, great working drive and we breed for loving family companions.

~~~~~White Puppies will NOT be sold as breeding/show prospects EVER! NO EXCEPTIONS!They may be accepted for registration however, this color is not excepted for show ring! Puppies will only be placed in pet or working homes. ~~~~~~